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The Whisky Shop Dufftown 25 Days to Christmas 25 Whiskies with 25% Off

Yes, it is the return of our most complicated titled sale!!!!  Now in its second year.  We have again selected 25 fine whiskies across the price spectrum to entice you to buy a little seasonal cheer at a knock down price.

Here is the full list:

Product Normal Price Sale Price  
Benriach 1966 Vestige £3,995.00 £2,995.00  SOLD OUT
Berry Bros & Rudd Aultmore 1997 £60.95 £45.70
Berry Bros & Rudd Dufftown 1982 £116.95 £87.70
Berry Bros & Rudd Linkwood 1987 £113.00 £84.75
Berry Bros & Rudd Speyburn 1988 £136.95 £102.00
Berry Bros & Rudd Bunnahabhain 2006 £42.95 £32.20
Bruichladdich Cuvee 640 £103.95 £77.95  SOLD OUT
Glenglassaugh 33 Years Old Massandra £340.00 £255.00
Old Malt Cask Craigellachie 14 £61.95 £46.40
Old Malt Cask Craigellachie 18 £75.95 £56.95
Old Malt Cask Dufftown 18 Years Old £79.95 £59.95
Old Malt Cask MacDuff 21 Years Old £73.95 £55.45
Old Particular Bowmore 25 £253.95 £190.00
Old Pulteney 40 Years Old £1,490.00 £1,117.50
Provenance Laphroaig 12 Years Old £63.95 £47.95
Provenance Laphroaig 8 Years Old £59.95 £44.95
Speymalt Macallan 1945 £5,000.00 £3,750.00
Strictly Limited Ben Nevis 16 £57.95 £43.45
Strictly Limited Dalmore 14 Years old £59.95 £44.95
Strictly Limited Fettercairn 14 Years Old £50.95 £38.20
Tweeddale Grain 16 Years Old £54.95 £41.20
XOP Port Ellen 32 Years Old £930.00 £697.00

WSD Logo Winter Sale 2015

The Whisky Shop Dufftown Winter Sale - 15 Drinks with £5 Off or More

We have launched the next phase of our Winter Sale with 15 products with £5 off or more. This has nothing to do with Black Friday as they last until the end of the year! These offers are available on-line and in our shop and cover some very drinkable whiskies and at now even more affordable prices.  Offer ends 1st Jan & whilst stocks last.

Product Previous Price Sale Price Offer
Aberlour 10 £29.95 £24.95 £5 Off
Aberlour 16 £49.95 £43.95 £6 Off
Aberlour 18 £85.95 £79.95 £6 Off
Boe Gin £26.95 £21.95 £5 Off
Dalmore 15 £55.95 £50.95 £5 Off
Dalmore Cigar £75.95 £68.95 £7 Off
Glenfiddich 12 £33.50 £28.50 £5 Off
Glenfiddich Malt Masters £49.95 £42.95 £7 Off
Glenlivet 12 £36.95 £31.95 £5 Off
Jura 10 £35.95 £29.95 £6 Off
Jura Superstition £37.95 £31.95 £6 Off
Laphroaig 10 Years Old £39.95 £34.95 £5 Off
Old Pulteney 12 £33.95 £28.95 £5 Off
Royal Lochnagar 12 £39.95 £34.95 £5 Off
Spey Tenne £37.95 £32.95 £5 Off

WSD Logo Winter Sale 2015

The Dufftown Whisky Region T-Shirt

Stuck for that whisky lover's Christmas present?  Looking for inspiration for a gift for a funky t-shirt fan?  Want to make a political statement? And support a worthy cause?  Then this is your answer - The Dufftown Whisky Region T-Shirt!  Only available from The Whisky Shop Dufftown in sizes from Small to 3XL.  Here is the T-Shirt in it's full glory:

DWRT Yolanda v1-3

We solved our modelling problem (none of us wanted to do it) by bringing in a professional and friend of the shop Yolanda. I think that this is a better pose than we could have struck.

Click here for our full range of clothing.

We have teamed up with Yolanda to raise money for Scottish Association for Mental Heath in 2016.   We will be donating £1 from the sale of every t-shirt sold as part of our fund raising campaign.


We aim to raise a £1000 for this charity in the next 12 months.  If you would like to help us straight away then please go to our donations page.

We also wish Yolonda all the best in the Miss Galaxy Competition where is is representing Moray.

Yolonda 03_2

Only 86 Days to Go!!!

There is the count down to Christmas. The count down to the New Year.  Here at The Whisky Shop Dufftown we have another more important one.  It is only 86 days until we are 10 years old!

6 February 2006 was when Mike bought the shop and created The Whisky Shop Dufftown.  Things have changed a lot in those 10 years and there will be a few more changes before our birthday.  We have come a very long way.  Here are just a few of the changes:

  • We have increased the shelf space by 50%.
  • We painted over the tobacco-smoke-stained ceiling.
  • The value of stock is now over 20 times greater than back in 2006.
  • We got rid of the peg board partitions.
  • We have more than doubled the number of whiskies available.
  • We got rid of the fake grapes and plastic vines.
  • We gave the shop a distinctive logo and colour scheme.

The list goes on....

We have big plans to celebrate our 10th birthday.  We will be having special events during Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival 2016 and our own Whisky Shop Dufftown Autumn Festival.

We will also have a set of products to mark the occasion.  Obviously we will have our own exclusive whisky which will be bottled in the week before our birthday so it will be ready for our birthday.  We may even have another one to mark our 11th Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival.  There will be the obligatory Glencairn Blenders glass.  Still the most practical way to enjoy your dram.  But there will also be a few surprises.

Each one of our celebration products will be connected with a characteristic that we (mainly Mike) has had to display to make it through our first 10 years.  Don't worry we are also making plans for the future and in January we will be filling a cask at Ardnamurchan Distillery which will be ready for our 20th birthday (we hope).

The first item is now available.  It is a fabulously creative T-Shirt from Whisky Impressions and sports our anniversary logo in the centre.  It also promotes Dufftown as a whisky region in its own right.  It should be worn with pride.  Please note this T-Shirt should not be used as an actual map. View our range here.  

Thank you Kate for all the hard work!

WSD Dufftown Region T-Shirt v1

Don't worry, better pictures are coming


Blanton's Single Barrel Bourbon

We have 2 new products in stock which are only available to those who make the effort to come and visit is in Dufftown.  They are 2 extra high quality Bourbons.

Blanton's Single Barrel Bourbon Original (£39.95)

Blantons Single Barrel Original

Blanton's Single Barrel Bourbon Gold Edition (£56.95)

Blantons Single Barrel Gold

What is the Best Malt for a Bacon Roll? (September 2015)

Here at The Whisky Shop Dufftown we have been continuing our "scientific" search for the best Single Malt to go with a Bacon Roll - unsmoked, no sauce.  That's the scientific bit.  We have now tested 24 single malts as part of this experiment

At this year's The Whisky Shop Dufftown Autumn Festival we took the winning whisky from our last festival, Balvenie 14 Years Old and pitched it against 3 new challengers selected by Mike Lord - Cardhu 15 Years Old, Arran Lochranza and Glenrothes Vintage Cask.

We held daily tastings for our guests scientist to undertake the experiment.  It was a tight race and each combination received a significant number of votes. This proved again that everyone's palate is different and there is a whisky for everyone and every whisky has someone.

The tastings were conducted blind - guests were not told which whiskies they were sampling until after submitting their vote for their favourite.  We were delighted again to watch people see how the food and whisky combination brought different flavours to the fore and even created new ones.  This is what it is all about for us.  Showing how well whisky pairs with food in an exciting way.

The winner by the narrowest of margins was Arran Lochranza.  We have been asked by a group of guests to put on this tasting experiment very shortly so we have decided to ask them to vote and we will add those votes in to see if it changes the result and (may be) get this prize back for Speyside.

Thank you to all our guests that took part.  I hope you had fun!

Arran Lochranza Reserve

WSD Image Bacon 01WSD Image Bacon 02

The Whisky Shop Dufftown Autumn Festival 2016

We are pleased to formally announce the dates for The Whisky Shop Dufftown Autumn Festival 2016.  As ever it will be the last weekend in September.

Thursday 22 September to Monday 26 September 2016

We will start planning the events at the start of 2016.  We will putting on our usual programming of whisky tastings, distillery tours and food challenges plus much more.

To give you some idea of what we will put on you can see the 2015 programme and to give you an even better idea here is a slide show of some of the images from our 2015 festival.

The Whisky Shop Autumn Festival 2015
Some memories
The Whisky Shop Autumn Festival 2015
It all started with a big dram
The Whisky Shop Autumn Festival 2015
Touring Speyside Cooperage
The Whisky Shop Autumn Festival 2015
Touring Speyside Cooperage
The Whisky Shop Autumn Festival 2015
Touring Speyside Cooperage
The Whisky Shop Autumn Festival 2015
Touring Speyside Cooperage
The Whisky Shop Autumn Festival 2015
Touring Speyside Cooperage
The Whisky Shop Autumn Festival 2015
Old Worthy Brewery and Angels' Nectar
The Whisky Shop Autumn Festival 2015
Cocktails at The Dowans Hotel
The Whisky Shop Autumn Festival 2015
Cocktails at The Dowans Hotel
The Whisky Shop Autumn Festival 2015
Cocktails at The Dowans Hotel
The Whisky Shop Autumn Festival 2015
Cocktails at The Dowans Hotel
The Whisky Shop Autumn Festival 2015
We are very healthy & safety aware
The Whisky Shop Autumn Festival 2015
Whisky Tasting: Douglas Laing
The Whisky Shop Autumn Festival 2015
Touring Knockando & Cardhu Distilleries
The Whisky Shop Autumn Festival 2015
Touring Knockando & Cardhu Distilleries
The Whisky Shop Autumn Festival 2015
Touring Knockando & Cardhu Distilleries
The Whisky Shop Autumn Festival 2015
Touring Knockando & Cardhu Distilleries
The Whisky Shop Autumn Festival 2015
Touring Knockando & Cardhu Distilleries
The Whisky Shop Autumn Festival 2015
Touring Knockando & Cardhu Distilleries
The Whisky Shop Autumn Festival 2015
The campaign to recognise Dufftown as a whisky region!
The Whisky Shop Autumn Festival 2015
Pairing whisky, beer and 80's food treats
The Whisky Shop Autumn Festival 2015
Music with Robin Laing
The Whisky Shop Autumn Festival 2015
Touring Glenfarclas Distillery
The Whisky Shop Autumn Festival 2015
Touring Glenfarclas Distillery
The Whisky Shop Autumn Festival 2015
All with Speyside in Autumn as the back drop
The Whisky Shop Autumn Festival 2015
All with Speyside in Autumn as the back drop
The Whisky Shop Autumn Festival 2015
Fun from the 1st to the last drop

Hope to see you in 2016.  It will be fun and exciting from the first to the last drop!

We will also be taking part in Spirit of Speyside's Autumn festival.  This is a really exciting new addition to the whisky calendar on Speyside.  It's different to the other Speyside festivals as it aims to bring Speyside to you under one roof.  It will of course have whisky but also Speyside's finest food, beer and gin.  Did I mention all under one roof!



What is the Best Single Malt to go with Haggis? (September 2015)

Our search at The Whisky Shop Dufftown to find the best Single Malt to go with Haggis which started in 2012 continued at this year's The Whisky Shop Dufftown Autumn Festival 2015.  We held daily tastings for guests of our festival to try our 4 specially selected malts - the winner from the previous festival and 3 new challengers.  We have now tried 32 different single malts in our search!

Our reigning champion from the last 3 festivals,  Aberlour 15 Years Old Select Cask , was pitched against Glen Scotia 15 Years Old, An Cnoc 2000 and Linkwood 15 Years Old from Gordon & MacPhail.

Our guests were asked to try the whiskies with haggis, neaps and tatties.  Nothing else.  We do try and be a bit scientific.  We wanted to show how the combination of whisky and food emphasised some flavours in either the whisky or the haggis and even created new ones.  We were delighted to see the expression on the faces of our guests as they experienced this.

It was a very tough battle this year but the biggest shock was the reigning champion came last.  As ever some people voted for each combination as the best proving that flavours are both personal and subjective.  What happened here?  We do not know.  We understand this whisky is made in batches so may be the flavour profile has changed slightly.  We placed the tables in a different position in the tasting hall.  May be that had an impact.  Yes, it really might.  We have regularly seen a split in opinion on the favourite between tables on opposite sides of the hall.  Do not think about this!  It will send you mad!

Now for the results.  It was really neck and neck with only 1 vote separating the top 2.  Gordon & MacPhail Linkwood 15 Years Old was just pipped at the post by the newly released Glen Scotia 15 Years Old.

Glen Scotia 15

Is this a disaster that Speyside has lost this award?  Well, we at The Whisky Shop Dufftown don't mind too much.  This is a great whisky and trying great whisky is what our festivals are all about.  In addition we like to help out the smallest whisky region (by production capacity).  Dufftown which is not recognised as a whisky region has a capacity roughly 20 times greater than Campbeltown which is a recognised as a whisky region.   We do like to help the little people.

WSD Image Haggis 01

Haggis, neeps and tatties

Haggis, neeps and tatties


Lady of the Dram’s Festival Highlights

Our very own Lady of the Dram's reviews The Whisky Shop Dufftown Autumn Festival 2015

Firstly I apologise for not posting sooner but things have been very hectic here one way and another.

The Whisky Shop Dufftown Autumn Festival 2015 was another great success this year. It was great to see all our regulars and all the new faces, of which there were a lot, enjoying themselves. Here are some of the highlights of the festival for me.

On Thursday Mike kicked the festival off with his Big Dram tasting which was well attended and the whiskies well received.  The first drop was drunk.

Friday saw a couple of new events, the Half ‘n’ half Tasting during the afternoon followed by a cocktail masterclass at The Dowans. For the half n half we saw Mark from the Old Worthy Brewing Co team up with Robert Ransom from Angel’s Nectar. Mark is very passionate about his beers and has taken great care when choosing which whiskies to pair them with. Robert is also very proud of the Angel’s Nectar and Strane Gin (a great gin from Sweden). The pairings were very well matched each bringing some different flavours out in the other. The cocktail class was a huge success with the crazy Murray sisters entertaining us all with their anecdotes and sisterly jibes at each other. It was also really good to see quite a few newcomers to this event having the time of their life. They were all crazy so obviously become good friends of The Whisky Shop Dufftown. Fab cocktails were plentiful and it was announced to the group that my daughter had actually won the cocktail competition which had taken place earlier in the week (that’s the last time I remind her to enter an event)

Saturday came and Antonia from Adelphi brought some great new whiskies, my favourite being the Invergordon 43 years old which had an amazing taste of milk chocolate bounty bars (knowing my taste, probably the most expensive of the bunch). Mike followed, looking very dashing in full kilt, continuing on his quest for Dufftown to become a recognised independent Whisky region.  The audience were treated to some great Dufftown whiskies and entertained by Mike’s presentation which included a few of his friends as you have never seen them before. In the evening we were back to the Dowans for some whisky dining. The food was, as always, fantastic and everyone seemed to enjoy the whiskies Mike and I had carefully chosen to compliment the courses. All went home feeling well fed and content and ready for a good nights sleep.

Sunday and it was my turn. David MacDonald (Spey Valley Brewery) and I hosted our beer, whisky and food tasting. This time from the 1980’s complete with fancy dress, oh yes I’m afraid so, David metamorphed into Michael Jackson and I was complete with rainbow wig (which Mike took a liking too as it was the first time he’d had hair that long) and many coloured accessories (I’m sure there are many photos kicking around on various sites). For those in the audience that we didn’t scare away they reminisced with us over the food and the music and were even given sweeties for being good. Peter from Morrison & MacKay followed and I’m not sure how they get their casks but they really are bringing some amazing whiskies to The Whisky Shop Dufftown.

The final day and not only did this bring another new tasting but a new presenter. Richard Urquhat from Gordon & Macphail held a vertical Benromach tasting. Whilst Richard may be used to more cosmopolitan audiences and sunnier climates he was a fountain of knowledge and passionate about the whiskies and the new packaging the distillery now has. Watch out Mike P you may have your slot stolen. The new addition was Compass Box presented by Herman. I have never been in a tasting where the presenter is so excited and enthusiastic about the products that he actually forgot to taste the whiskies he was talking about. Compass Box seem to be really trying to grab people’s attention and get themselves out there with whisky enthusiasts everywhere. The Drams party was the final event of the night and as always it was a fantastic end to the festival. Many whiskies were drunk, prizes given and to my shock, delight and amazement Mike presented me with a brand new guitar from himself and Val for my 5 year anniversary of working for them. They may be sorry.

Well that’s just some of my festival highlights, as always the atmosphere was great and the feedback we have had amazing, with many of the new attendees telling us they will be back. Were holding you to that guys. I’ll be back soon with notes from some of the events I attended before the festival and news of trips to come.

Happy dramming

Lady of the Drams.

Vicky Duty of The WSD and The Olive Tree

The Whisky Shop Dufftown Newsletter 13/08/2015

Dear All

Here is a round up of what's happening at The WSD.

New Releases

We have had many new releases coming in to stock over the last month or two.  Picking out just a few....


We have had a great new set of malts in from Wemyss.  This is the usual Wemyss gig where they have a phrase that sums up the flavour profile of the whisky.  You get the idea.  Click the links for more detailed tasting notes.  Just in case you have a brain like mine "Sea Haar Bound" is no more than what it it says on the tin (or in this case bottle).  It's just stuck in the fog but more romantically phrased.  It is nothing more sinister.  If you have met the ladies at Wemyss then what else could it be?  Having a soft spot for old grain then the "Toffee Apple Crisp" really appealed to us and the Glen Scotia is like no other.

Wemyss Cragganmore 1999 14 Years Old "Heather Moorland"

Wemyss Bunnahabhain 1997 17 Years Old "Sea Haar Bound"

Wemyss Glen Garioch 1989 25 Years Old "Gooseberry Mocha"

Wemyss Glenrothes 1997 17 Years Old "Buttered Tealoaf"

Wemyss Glen Scotia 1991 24 Years Old "Leather-bound Ledger"

Wemyss Invergordon 1988 27 Years Old "Toffee Apple Crisp"

Wemyss Glen Scotia 1991 Leather Bound


Finding Imperial's is like finding the tooth from a hen who has been bare-back riding a Unicorn so this Imperial 1996 from Gordon & MacPhail is a real treat.  It's a delicate sherry cask whisky with possibly more bourbon cask characteristics on the palate.  Warning!  The supply is very limited.

Bargain Hunters

We have also obtained a small quantity of bargain priced single malts both from Provenance.  It's always a good feeling to price a single malt below £30.

Provenance Glenallachie 9 Years Old £29.95

Provenance Graigellachie 8 Years Old £29.95

Provenance Glenallachie 2005 9


We have, what we are told, is the oldest (as in Years Old) bottle of Macallan to be bottled and it's a rare war-time bottling as well.

Speymalt Macallan 1945

Speymalt Macallan 1945

More of our new items can be seen by clicking here

Speyside Spirit Cocktail Competition

There is still time to enter our Cocktail competition to find the best cocktail featuring a Speyside Spirit.  There's a great prize as well.  Closing date is 1 September.  Click here for the full details.

Cocktail Competition Photo 1 v2


The Whisky Shop Dufftown Autumn Festival

Tickets are still available for some events at our festival which runs from 24 to 28 September this year.  You can see the full programme by clicking here.


Other Festivals

It is rumoured that other festivals are available in the coming months but none are as fun and exciting as ours.  But if you can't get to Dufftown at the end of September that why not consider relaxing a Maltstock.  Go along to the quiz.  It will be shorter and far easier than the last 3 years.

*** I would like to personally apologise for the mistake that was in the paragraph above.  I of course meant to say Maltsock, *****


All the best from The WSD Team.