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Every year, we pick a charity to raise funds for through out the year and at the whisky festivals. We pick a different charity each year to try and keep it as fair as possible.  As we've now supported a lot of charities throughout the years, we opened up the suggestions to our social media followers for this year, to help us get an idea of charities we hadn't already considered or supported.

Then the really tough part happened. So many fantastic charities were suggested to us, and while we truly wish we could support them all at once, it unfortunately isn't possible so we had to select one. Don't worry too much though, as I've created a list of the charities suggested for future years.

In recent years, you may have noticed more news regarding male mental health and the statistics surrounding it. Chances are, you know a male who has struggled with mental health issues. You may not even know of their struggles.

While researching charities, we discovered Brothers In Arms. A new charity set up in 2018 for men in Scotland. They are a charity for men who are, or have, struggling with their mental health.They use digital technology as a way to reach out to men no matter where they are in Scotland so that they can both self-manage and keep their mental fitness healthy through the use of an NHS approved App, as well as access on a 1 to 1 basis to a mental health coach. (The app is available here)


They create film content to raise awareness around men and mental health from a Scottish point of view (link to their Youtube channel here) and use social media to help spread the word (link to their Facebook Community Page here)

A bit from the charity founder, Dan: "Our strategy is showing that we are 100% reaching out to the male demographic in Scotland, but that also to the more remote parts of Scotland such as the highlands where there is not always a support infrastructure in place or that the small communities are a barrier to men seeking support, also the anonymous data is giving us insights to how men feel about their mental health that we would not get by asking them face to face and is enabling us along with our digital partner Thrive Therapeutic to create content and modules specific to their mental health needs."








Suicide is one of the biggest killers of men in the UK under the age of 45. We are desperate for that to change. We hope that, with your support and donations, we can help Brothers In Arms to make a difference.

On behalf of us at The Whisky Shop Dufftown, thank you for reading and helping raise awareness.



Brothers in Arms website link here