Lady of the Drams

This is the personal views and experiences of a lady working in the whisky industry.


Welcome to my first posting as Lady of the Drams.  On this page I hope to entertain you with fun, facts and more importantly, tasting notes to help you decide which whiskies you want to buy from us.

WSD Image Vicky 01I will admit that before moving to Dufftown I had never tasted a whisky at all and certainly didn't know there was more to whisky than Grouse and Bells and that it wasn't just for old men sitting in their favourite corner of their local pub (yes I know, shame on me, I can hear you all gasping in horror).  My first introduction to whisky, or rather the first one I enjoyed,  was Aberlour 10 as a friend told me there is a whisky for everyone you just have to find the right one for you.  He was right and when I started working for Mike in 2010 I found it, or rather I found quite a few.  Lots and lots even.

The world of whisky was opened up to me and I instantly fell in love with this magnificent and diverse liquid.  From there, under the expert guidance of Mike I have learnt to hold my own whisky tastings,  judge whisky in competitions and he even now trusts me to put my tasting notes on the shop website and help him choose our next bottlings (the fool).

So enough about me lets get to the first set of my tasting notes which are from Hunter Laings Hepburns Choice range.  While a lot of the whiskies in this range are young and pale dont let this fool you these whiskies will have your taste buds dancing for joy!

Tasting Notes

Here are some of my tasting notes on our whiskies

Morrison & MacKay February 2015 Releases 

Whisky Tastings

This is when I get out and about

Glen Moray at The Drouthy Cobbler

5 Decades of Glenfarclas