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Malt of the Month July 2019

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Our Malt of the Month for July is.......

Berry's Glen Moray 2007 10 Years Old!



This Glen Moray was distilled in 2007 and bottled in 2018 from cask #5803 by independent bottler Berry Bro's & Rudd. We have very limited stock for this, and won't be able to get hold  of any more once it's sold!


WSD Tasting Notes

Nose: Apricots, green apples, sharp and sweet. Soor Ploom sweets, apple drop sweets. Sharp plums. (Kat)

Light mahogany shavings, dark chocolate, waxed beeswax wood. Heather honey and white pepper. (Vicky)

Taste: Spiced tropical fruits in a mahogany bowl (freshly waxed bowl!) Warm peaches covered in cinnamon. (Vicky)

Soft and smooth with a hint of spice covered apricot. Soft oak. Fresh and crisp. Slight hint of cardamon pods. Overall very smooth and rounded. (Kat)

Finish: Medium length, the flavour gradually  fades and reveals more oak hints as it goes. (Kat)

Medium, slightly  drying finish. (Vicky)

Malt of the Month - June 2019

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We have a special whisky on offer for you this month! It's a cask strength (57.8%), 12 years old, limited release bottling from Islay...


It's Lagavulin 12 years old 2018 release!

Save 12% - was £107.00,   NOW  £94.16

As this one is limited, we don't have a lot of stock for it so you may need to be quick to purchase this one!

The distillery say this pale gold cask strength Lagavulin is bursting with intense distillery character.

Tasting Notes

Distillery: Powerful smouldering peat smokiness on a cleansing, oiled base, with the smell of the sea in the background. Complex lighter notes lie within, among them citrus zest, fresh mint and tropical fruits. Add water, and iodine-rich cleanness combines with smoke, to be altogether appetising.

Vicky: Sweet meat smoke, light, with BBQ smoke drifting on the breeze.

Distillery: Smoothly oily with an exquisitely powerful taste, first sweet and firm, with strong saltiness, then drying and tangy. A rush of simple notes: salt and vinegar on chips wrapped in paper: honey, mints: wax: oil lamps: fresh wood. With water sweet, smoky and salty, with citrus fruit.

Vicky: Initially sweet, with citrus fruits giving way to a citrus smoke.

Distillery: The long, spicy and smoky finish is intensely sweet, then deeply pungent and warming, with a lingering dryness.

Vicky: A lingering fruity coal ash remains.

Malt of the Month - April 2019

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Last month, we started our Malt of the Month idea, as a way to give our customers savings on something different each month. Last month we had Glen Moray Sherry Cask Finish on offer. This month, we're giving you 15% off the price of.....

Kilkerran 12 Years Old!

The Kilkerran single malt is a lightly peated, double distilled whisky which is 70% bourbon casks and 30% sherry casks. Read our tasting notes below!

Price - was £37.95     now £32.25



Nose – sherbet lemon, wood smoke and coal dust.

Taste – Fish shop scraps, real lemonade turning into mocha.

Finish – wood smoke returns and smouldering newspapers.


Nose – Soft waves of light wood smoke and orange oils.

Taste – Lemon pepper and spiced Simnel cake.

Finish – Very warming with white pepper notes.


Nose – Lemon curd, soft and gentle, rock salt on salmon.

Taste – Meaty pepper, spicy chilli flakes, hint of smoke at end. Great to wake you up.

Finish – What a beauty! Long, warm and rounded.

Malt of the Month - March 2019

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We've been racking our brains here at TWSD to think of ways to thank our customers for being, well, our customers! And to show that we really do appreciate the support we receive through places like our social media accounts.

So we've decided that each month, we are going to get together as a team and pick out a whisky (or gin) from our shelves that we think is a fantastic drink. We'll write our tasting notes for it, so that you get our own true thoughts. We'll never be influenced by a distillery or other people, so you can rest assured that we're not being paid by a company or distillery to tell you that their whisky is the best ever. You'll always get our actual thoughts and tasting notes. Truly Independent Whisky Shop.

Oh, and the bottle we pick for the month will be discounted in price too!

For our 1st Malt of the Month, we have picked..... Glen Moray Sherry Cask Finish!

Usual price £23.95       Price for March 2019 - £18.95

Glen Moray Classic Sherry Cask Finish


Tasting Notes


Nose - Lime zest, coffee beans covered in dark chocolate with maraschino cherries and marzipan

Taste - Tiramisu and marzipan covered in chilli chocolate


Nose - Raisins and apricots soaked in sherry. Dark chocolate shavings, followed by fresh wood shavings and sharp citrus fruits.

Taste - Tangy orange marmalade, with sour apple and pears topped off with chocolate covered raisins. It's soft and gentle, with gentle spices coming in at the end to warm up your mouth. I'm not always a fan of sherry cask finished whiskies, but this one is truly incredible!


Nose -  The nose starts with cherry pie and flapjacks. Hints of orange boiled sweets come next and peanut butter.

Taste -  The palate is quite rich and creamy. Bourbon notes mingle with orange and raisins. A cross between an Old Fashioned and a Manhattan.

Finish -  The finish has syrupy elements with vanilla and honey.