Kingsbarns Dream to Dram

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It’s not often that here at The Whisky Shop Dufftown we all agree on how good a whisky is. There’s normally one of us whose opinion differs to the others. However that moment has arrived with the release of Kingsbarns Dream to Dram.

Kingsbarns Distillery has distilled, matured and bottled this single malt from some of the earliest casks it filled. It has been matured in two types of casks then married together: 1st fill ex-bourbon barrels and shaved, toasted and re-charred barriques.

Kat was the first to try this and admitted she was very pleasantly surprised by it. Her tasting notes are as follows:

On the nose sharp lemon with malted milk biscuits and vanilla pods

On the taste hoppy, with burnt toffee background and dark chocolate digestive biscuit that's gone soggy from being dunked in coffee.

And the finish almost-but-not-quite medium length, lingers just long enough to warm the mouth.

This week Mike and I tried it and here’s what we thought:

On the nose lemon shortbread, lemon drizzle cake, marzipan and almonds. Sherbet lemons and Franzipan cake.

On the taste lemon meringue pie covered with cinnamon. Pear skins covered in pineapple juice (tinned) with a touch of cider vinegar. There is an underlying smoothness on the first mouth full.

The finish we found to be medium length with the flavours drifting in and out. Pleasantly warming.

So overall, a very drinkable dram and good value for money.