Updated 31/12/19

Delivery Times

We aim to get your purchases to you quickly and safely.  We cannot guarantee delivery times but the table gives an indication of how long your order will take to reach you.

Destination Delivery Times     Notes:
UK 2-3 working days To most mainland destinations in the UK
Europe 3-7 working days To many European addresses
Rest of the World 7-9 working days For international orders, delivery times vary depending on location. An estimate of delivery time can be provided by requesting further details.


We ship to many countries, although delivery of alcohol related products to certain countries is prohibited or due to various other restrictions not possible.  For instance, we cannot deliver to Brazil, Canada, China, Malaysia, Russia, certain states in the USA, and Ukraine.

Shipping Charges

Shipping charges are calculated based on the number of bottles and the destination country which are grouped together in zones.

You can also expect to pay all relevant duties and taxes in the country of delivery.  It is the responsibility of the person receiving the order to pay these charges.

The shipping charges below are quoted including VAT (sales tax) where applicable.  This is 20% and is payable on deliveries to the UK and all other European Union countries.


Zone 1: UK (excluding the Channel Islands)

Please note that for orders over £250 shipping is free in the UK.

No Bottles Charge
1 - 3 £8.40
4 - 36 £6.00


Zone 2: Channel Islands

No Bottles Charge
1 - 6 £13.00
7 - 36 £20.00


Zone 3: Ireland

No Bottles Charge
1 - 8 £19.80
Each additional bottle thereafter + £0.60


Zone 4: Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands.

No Bottles Charge
1 - 7 £16.80
Each additional bottle thereafter + £1.20


Zone 5: France, Germany.

No Bottles Charge
1 - 6 £19.80
7 - 9 £21.60
Each additional bottle thereafter + £0.60


Zone 6: Denmark

No Bottles Charge
1 - 6 £19.80
7 £24.00
Each additional bottle thereafter + £1.20


Zone 7: Austria, Finland, Itlay, Portugal, Spain, Sweden.

No Bottles Charge
1 - 7 £24.00
Each additional bottle thereafter + £1.20


Zone 8: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia.

No Bottles Charge
1 - 6 £30.00
Each additional bottle thereafter + £0.60


Zone 9: Isreal, Norway, Switzerland.

No Bottles Charge
1 - 7 £25.00
Each additional bottle thereafter + £1.00


Zone 12:  United States

*** UPDATE 26 March 2020 ***  Due to the current situation there is a lack of transatlanic flights.  The airlines have vastly increased their freight charges.  We have had no choice but to increase our shipping rates in line with the costs to us.

Currently we can ship to the following states:  ALASKA, CALIFORNIA, CONNETICUT, DELAWARE, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, FLORIDA,  IDAHO, LOUISIANA, MAINE, MARYLAND, MASSACHUSETTS, NEBRASKA, NEW JERSEY, NEW MEXICO, NEW YORK, OREGON, RHODE ISLAND, TEXAS, VERMONT, VIRGINIA and WYOMING.  If you enter an address outside of these States then you will only be offered to collect your order from the shop only.  You must enter your zip code to see full costs.

Maximum of 15 bottles per order for delivery in the US.

Please note that while the US imposes import tariffs on single malt whisky etc, all orders for such items will incur a further charge of 25% on the costs of those items.  We have adjusted our system so that this charge appears in the "VAT / Tariff" column and a total is shown at the end of your order.  This charge will be include in the total cost of your order when checking out.  You wil not have to pay any further charges.  However, we are still testing this new feature so errors may occur.

No Bottles Charge
1 £60.00
Each additional bottle thereafter up to 15 bottles. + £25.0


Zone 13: Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand.

No Bottles Charge
1 £40.00
Each additional bottle thereafter + £5.0