Terms and Conditions for Events

To ensure the enjoyment of the majority and the smooth running of events those attending events organised by The Whisky Shop Dufftown and its employees (the organisers) are required to abide by the following:

1.       Commitment
By purchasing tickets and or attending one of our events you are deemed to have agreed to these terms and conditions and to be held to them.

2.       Communication

We want to respond to your enquiries about our events quickly and appropriately.  Enquiries about our events should be made directly to the organiser preferably by email to enquiries@thewsd.co.uk or by telephone on +44 (0)1340 821 097 during the hours the shop is open.  Please do not contact any other organisation or person such as Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival or Dufftown 2000 about our events. This includes using contact forms on their websites.  Not contacting us directly may result in a delay in your enquiry reaching us, it not being sent to us or it being responded to by a person not authorised to speak on our behalf.

3.       Purchasing Tickets

3.1.    Reservations: We do not permit the reservation of tickets for our events without payment regardless of the terms and conditions of any organisation or booking agent associated with our events.  Until you have paid your place at the event is not guaranteed.

3.2.    Cancellations: Regardless of the terms and conditions of other parties associated with our events we do not give refunds for tickets purchased for our events except in exceptional circumstances.  Please contact us directly about this.  Should a third party give you a refund without our explicit permission you will remain liable for the cost of any tickets purchased.

3.3.    Tickets: Please print your electronic ticket and show it at each event to gain admission.

4.       Conduct at the Festival

4.1.    Proof of Age: Please be prepared to identify yourself on arrival at events and to prove you are of legal drinking age.

4.2.    Admission: The organiser reserves the right to refuse your admission or require you to leave an event.  You must comply with such a request under the Licensing Act (Scotland).  Failure to do so is a criminal offence.  No refunds are given in these circumstances.

4.3.    Searches: We also have the right to request that ticket holders and/or the personal property of ticket holders be submitted to a search.

4.4.    Late Admission:  You must ensure that you arrive in good time for our events.  We are sorry but for the enjoyment of other attendees if you arrive more than 5 minutes after the event has started you will be refused admission and no refund will be given unless agreed beforehand with the organiser.  There are no exceptions to this including the late running of prior events or transport.

4.5.    Pets:  We are sorry but pets or animals are not permitted in our events or to the premises where our events our held unless the express permission is given by the organiser.

4.6.    Smoking:  Smoking is not permitted at any time during our events or on the premises where our events are held unless in a designated smoking area.

4.7.    Mobile Phones:  Please switch to silent all your mobile phones and similar devices before our events start.  You are forbidden from taking calls during our events unless you leave the event.  If you make or receive a telephone call during an event you will be required to leave and you will not be readmitted.  A refund will not be given.

4.8.    Food and Beverages:  Only food and drink provided by the organiser or their authorised partners can be consumed on the premises where our events are held without the express permission of the organiser.

4.9.    Consumption of Alcohol: We promote responsible drinking.  If you appear to be drunk then you will be refused admission or required to leave.  No refunds will be given.  Please drink responsibly.

4.10.Noise: We promote fun at our events but that is fun for all.  Please do not speak or make noise while the organiser or any presenter is talking.  Unfortunately we have to extend this to oral translations if these are intruding on the enjoyment of other.  You will be required to stop.  If you persist you will be required to leave by the organiser.  No refunds will be given.

4.11.Photography and Recording:  Photography is permitted at our events unless stated otherwise by the organiser but should not be intrusive to the enjoyment of others.  The use of recording devices of any form is not permitted unless express permission has been given by the organiser and the presenter at the event.

4.12.Finishing Times:  The times published for when our events will end are approximate only.  We will endeavour not to overrun but due to the interactive nature of our events this is possible and you should make provisions accordingly.

4.13.After Events:  Dufftown is a peaceful and friendly village.  At the end of events please leave as quickly and as quietly as possible.

4.14 Capability:  The majority of our events will involve the consumption of alcohol.  Where we visit sites such as distilleries, there may be steep steps, heights and areas of difficult access.  Ensure that you are capable of undertaking the activities involved in the event before booking.

5.       Other Parties
The organiser is in no way responsible or liable for the acts of other parties associated with our events including any festival organisation, charity or other event provider or person