Scotland's Whisky Regions

Scotland's Whisky Regions

This is the southern most whisky producing region running from the Scottish/English border up to the Highland Boundary Fault Line, a line drawn across Scotland approximately between Glasgow and Dundee.  Click here to see our Lowland whiskies.

This area comprises of all of mainland Scotland above the Highland Boundary Fault Line, except from the area known as Speyside.  Click here to see our Highland whiskies.

With in the Highland region there lies Speyside, taking its name from the river Spey from which many of its distilleries take their water. This region has the highest concentration of distilleries in Scotland.  Click here to see our Speyside whiskies.

This small region at the Mull of Kintyre was once known as Whiskyopolis having 21 operational distilleries in 1886. Now you can count the number on one hand.  Click here to see our Campbeltown whiskies.

This region represents all of Scotland's islands with the exception of Islay which is classified separately. In fact only a handful of Scotland's many isles actually produce whisky at this time.  Click here to see our whiskies from the Islands.

This Island, home to only 2,500 people, is home to eight active distilleries and produces some of Scotland's most distinctive and popular malts. It lies 20 miles off the west coast of Scotland and is largely covered in peat bog.  Click here to see our Islay whisky.