Ailsa Bay - The WSD Team thoughts

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Having just received the new Ailsa Bay in today we decided to have our first team tasting session. Here are our tasting notes:


Vicky - Soft peat turning to freshly laid tarmac warming in the sun. Cardamon pods appear once it warms up.

Kat - Heather and damp moss. Rusty fence posts and used cooking oil.

Mike - Sweet gentle smoke, smouldering embers with a touch of solder. Singed peach skins becoming cinder toffee and hot dark treacle, caramel and well baked potato chips (scraps maybe)


Vicky - Sweet citrus peatiness leading to white pepper. The tarmac stays but in the background.

Kat - Soft toffee fudge bars, creamy with rich meat gravy finished with smoky leather. Sticky toffee pudding with a facefull of peat.

Mike - Sweet ash and coffee grinds.Becomes more toffee with time. Cinnamon, star anise and hot grill pan.


Mike - Cardamon and white pepper.


This is peatier than the ppm(s) would suggest but that is probably due to its youth which does show.  Mike and Vicky were not bowled over but expectations were high.  The youngest member of the team, Kat, by over 20 years (dam her) really liked it and the packaging so it is appealing to the market it is aimed at.

Aisla Bau Shop 2_s Aisla Bay Shop 1_s