Only 86 Days to Go!!!

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There is the count down to Christmas. The count down to the New Year.  Here at The Whisky Shop Dufftown we have another more important one.  It is only 86 days until we are 10 years old!

6 February 2006 was when Mike bought the shop and created The Whisky Shop Dufftown.  Things have changed a lot in those 10 years and there will be a few more changes before our birthday.  We have come a very long way.  Here are just a few of the changes:

  • We have increased the shelf space by 50%.
  • We painted over the tobacco-smoke-stained ceiling.
  • The value of stock is now over 20 times greater than back in 2006.
  • We got rid of the peg board partitions.
  • We have more than doubled the number of whiskies available.
  • We got rid of the fake grapes and plastic vines.
  • We gave the shop a distinctive logo and colour scheme.

The list goes on....

We have big plans to celebrate our 10th birthday.  We will be having special events during Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival 2016 and our own Whisky Shop Dufftown Autumn Festival.

We will also have a set of products to mark the occasion.  Obviously we will have our own exclusive whisky which will be bottled in the week before our birthday so it will be ready for our birthday.  We may even have another one to mark our 11th Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival.  There will be the obligatory Glencairn Blenders glass.  Still the most practical way to enjoy your dram.  But there will also be a few surprises.

Each one of our celebration products will be connected with a characteristic that we (mainly Mike) has had to display to make it through our first 10 years.  Don't worry we are also making plans for the future and in January we will be filling a cask at Ardnamurchan Distillery which will be ready for our 20th birthday (we hope).

The first item is now available.  It is a fabulously creative T-Shirt from Whisky Impressions and sports our anniversary logo in the centre.  It also promotes Dufftown as a whisky region in its own right.  It should be worn with pride.  Please note this T-Shirt should not be used as an actual map. View our range here.  

Thank you Kate for all the hard work!

WSD Dufftown Region T-Shirt v1

Don't worry, better pictures are coming