A Couple of Drams of Glenfarclas

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Here's a couple of tasting notes which we did as a comparative tasting.  We did these at the same time as we tasting notes for the Macallan Ruby.  We were at Amber, the bar at The Scotch Whisky Experience when we did these.  It's well worth a visit.

Glenfarclas 25 Years Old

Nose:  Sweet. Demerara coated summer fruits laced with orange liqueur with a fig biscuit dunked in.  Water brings out more dried fruit.

Taste:  Candy sweet sugar at the start and then wood spice comes through.  There's more orange liqueur and boiled sweets over banana chewy sweets.  The spice returns on the finish.  Water intensifies the orange and brings out more wood spice.

Verdict:  Thumbs up

Glenfarclas 25








Glenfarclas 30 Years Old

Nose:  Smooth, silk like.  There's warm dates and hints of marzipan and orange.  A cornucopia of different cakes fresh from the oven.  Everything is so well balanced.  Time brings out more boiled sweets and chocolate toffee.

Taste:  Orange toffee sauce drizzled over alcohol macerated dried fruits with a pronounced icing sugar sweetness.

Verdict:  Double thumbs up