A Look at Some Macallans

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Here's a quick look at some whiskies from Macallan.

These tasting notes were not taken on the same day.  Generally, when we put tasting notes together in the same post we will have done the tastings together.  Your palette changes from day-to-day and during the day.  It's also influenced by your environment.  Try a dram inside and then take it outside and try it again.   Therefore we feel tasting notes should be written at the same time in the same place.

Macallan Amber

Nose:  Very fruity with a good toffee base.  This is followed by raisin biscuits which softens to fudge with time.  May be some strawberry smeared on the top as well.

Taste:  Quite powerful but smooth at the same time.  Strong flavours but in balance.  Lots of dried fruit and toffee.  There's a solid oak element running through becoming cinder toffee.  Quite chewy.

Verdict:  Shaky thumb plus.

Macallan Amber copy








Macallan Ruby

Nose:  Spicy chocolate fruit and nut.  That's it in a nut shell.  There's also notes of sweet brittle toffee and then a bowl of assorted nuts comes through.

Taste:  Ultra sweet on the palate.  Dried fruit soaked in sugar syrup.  Then dries a little and hazelnuts come through.

Verdict: Thumbs up.

Macallan Ruby copy