Lindores New Make Spirit Drink 20cl

Lindores Abbey tell us a bit about their New Make Spirit 'We increased our fermentations to 114 hours to bring out that added tropical fruitiness. We stopped the wash still at first sign of frothing, let it rest and then slowly brought the heat back into the still. We ran the spirit during the cut on the spirit stills very, very slowly, and we also cut in high at 75-76% and came down to 66%. Interestingly at around 68-69% on the cut, the spirit has an amazing caramel and butterscotch nose with others picking up peaches and strawberries. The final spirit is robust, complex, and interesting and that’s exactly what we hoped it would be. : We had been through four seasons of distillation at Lindores and had worked with the distillery to define the spirit. We had a direction, but the distillery decided to offer us up a new intriguing spirit instead. A complex array of aromas, cherries, pear drops, apple pie and banana. We went from nutty, to cereal, to malty, to pears, to fruity and to finally a spirit which combines all of these and more. There is also a sweetness and a spiciness with an incredible mouth feel. '    
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