Glenfarclas 1954 62 Years Old Silver Edition Pagoda Ruby Reserve

This very exclusive 62 Years Old whisky is one of only 180 bottles from cask number 445 distilled in 1954. Here is how George Grant describes the series "Together with ‘Keeper of the Quaich’ Stephen Notman, we explored our finest reserves and selected Glenfarclas’ quintessential and very finest super premium aged casks. Glencairn Crystal was commissioned to produce its finest crystal cut decanters. Each luxurious decanter is hand-crafted, hand engraved, and tastefully adorned with precious metals and precious stones. Distilled in three iconic whisky making decades of the last century, each special vintage predates the 1972 decommissioning of our famous Pagoda kiln. Encapsulating Scotland’s rich whisky history, The Glenfarclas Pagoda Reserve Series is born. Each decanter has been individually hand blown using 30% lead crystal produced in Portugal. Each one is one of a kind created by some of the most skilled glassblowers in the world. Using specialised engraving techniques, each collar is individually numbered and infilled. The total effect provides a flowing movement across the decanters from the base to the top. The side graphics are deep infilled with intricate Chinese Dogs which perfectly compliment the precious metal Pagoda tops. Each Pagoda is hand crafted with every piece being hand-turned to produce a unique shaping and cut to the highest possible quality. The Pagoda is not only a unique design, it is also a revolutionary one."  
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