The Virtual Relaxed Whisky Quiz Winners

It's been a tough road to sort this out but here are the individual round and overall winners.

Round 1

Overall Amateur Winner: Sebastiaan Jens

Winner Amateur Team League: BananaDrama


Round 2

Overall Amateur Winner: BananaDrama

Winner Amateur Individual League: Colin Mackenzie


Round 3

Overall Amateur Winner:  Gunnar Nilsson

Winner AmateurTeam League: Savage Delight


Round 4

Overall Amateur Winner: Omelet du Fromage

Winner Amateur Individual League: Thomas Stuhr


Round 5

Overall Amateur Winner: Savage Delight

Winner Amateur Individual League: Willy Janssen


Grand Prize Winners

Joint Overall Amateur Winners: Barley Army & Quercus quizus.  They could not be separated even after the bonus points.

Winner Amateur Induvial League: Sebastiaan Jens