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New in from independent bottler Douglas Laing

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By Mike Lord

Here are the new bottlings we have in from Doulas Laing.  The tasting notes are from them.

Old Malt Cask Glen Ord 1997 14 Years Old

It's getting harder and harder to find Glen Ord particularly in Europe.  This one is a very fruity orangy example.

Nose: Opens clean & refreshing - running to sweet fruit + gristy style.

Taste: Still sweet - a macerated ripe fruit character + gentle spices.

Finish: Long - sweetly spiced with a pleasant orange bitters lingering.

Old Malt Cask Glenrothes 1990 21 Years Old

Although this is from a refill sherry but it is a big sherried whisky with lots of citrus and ginger nicely balanced with leather and tobacco.

Nose: Richly spiced – running to a caramelised orange trait + barley sugar.

Taste: Mouth coating with toffee and ginger + a warming citrus quality.

Finish: Long – carrying an attractive oak, leather & sweet tobacco style.

Old Malt Cask Glen Keith 1993 18 Years Old

It's difficult to find a single cask Glen Keith and particularly one that doesn't break the bank.  And this one is even very very drinkable.

Nose: Fresh & fruitily sweet + fresh homemade shortbread + sweet melon.

Taste: Distinctly barley sugared running to a sweet orange/lime zest style.

Finish: Still fresh and fruity – replicating nose & palate + more zest.

Old Malt Cask Imperial 1976 35 Years Old

Oooh, an old Imperial and with definite traces of peat smoke!

Nose: Dry cedar wood shavings open to sweet dark fruit tones + ash

Taste: Richly spiced – lightly smoked/peated + old wooden candy boxes.

Finish: Camphor and cough drops + warming spices + late soft leather.

Old Malt Cask Knockando 1994 17 Years Old

A lush spicy, honey toasty Knockando.

Nose: Opens fruity & sweetly spiced running to a bees wax style.

Taste: Rich – carrying a dry spicy quality + a distinct oak character. Rich – carrying a dry spicy quality + a distinct oak character.

Finish: Long – still spicy + burnt toast & honey that runs and runs.

Old Malt Cask Laphroaig 1993 18 Years Old

Now this is a very good Laphraoig.

Nose: Opens sweet & vanilla’d running to soft smoke + flamed orange zest

Taste: Still sweet & softly smoked + more vanilla – burnt home baked style.

Finish: Long – with an ashes and burnt wood character + lingering creosote.

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