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New Releases from Wemyss Vintage Malts

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By Mike Lord

The shelves are beginning to groan with all the new releases coming in and some right crackers have arrived in from Wemyss.

Wemyss Blair Athol 1986 Autumn Berries

Strawberry Starbusts and orange peel on the nose.  Very citrus.  For me distinct cognac notes and Grand Marnier on the palate.  Not my usual drink but I think that's what it is.

Wemyss Laphroaig 1998 Beach Bonfires

An outstanding Laphroaig for me.   Unusually sweet on the palate at first but has great balls of smoke from burning paper with a great citrus edge.

Wemyss Caol Ila 1996 Lemon Smoke

Very much starts with all that singed icing sugar I expect from Caol Ila but then has buckets (fruit baskets?) full of lemon and orange juice.  There's all great caramelised sugar which may have just started to catch in the pan and I definitely got Mars bars.

Wemyss Aultmore 1982 Sugared Almonds

For me lots more nuts that just almonds but there all definitely sugar coated.  And my Dad's Walnut cake.

Wemyss Tormore 1988 White Chocolate Torte

I didn't really get the chocolate on this but I did get lots of classic old ex-bourbon cask matured whisky notes.  Loads of melon, pastry and marzipan.  Also quite an unusual taste for me to identify which I in the end decided was the full on glass of fruit salad Pimms.

New in from Douglas Laing

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Here are the 6 new releases we have in the shop from Douglas Liang:

Provenance Craigellachie 1999 12 Years Old:  Another rare sherried Craigellachie from Douglas Laing.  This has a couple of years on the previous expressions and that has helped develop the sherry qualities in to rich toffee notes.

Old Malt Cask Rosebank 21 Years Old (DL Ref - 0000): This is another great Rosebank from DL.  This is the second cask os 21 Years Old from 1990 that they have released this year.

Old Malt Cask Port Ellen 1983 28 Years Old: Port Ellen is getting ever rare and the price reflects that.  We suspect DL will move all future releases up to Old & Rare soon so they will get even more expensive.  That said this is a great example which is more peated than some.

Directors' Cut Blair Athol 1995 16 Years Old: The Director's cut is a new range from DL and sits between Old Malt Cask and Old & Rare.  The packaging is extremely nice and this one holds a cracking sherried Blair Athol,

Old & Rare Caol Ila 1980 30 Years Old:  This is a prime example of an old Caol Ila.  The smoke is more subtle on the palate allowing lots of sweet barley to come through.

Old & Rare Laphroaig 1986 25 Years Old: I love old Laphroaigs and this one is no disappointment.  The smoke has settled but it's still there - more prominent than whiskies of the same age from its contemporaries, and there is lots of citrus and honey emerging through.

To see all our whiskies from Douglas Laing click here.

New Single Malt Whisky in from Adelphi

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By Mike Lord

We have a cracking new set of whiskies in from Adelphi ready for your Christmas Purchases

Adelphi Ardmore 2003 7 Years Old

This Adelphi Ardmore 2003 7 year old is quite a peated example of Ardmore. Certainly do not be put off by the age. Great whisky is great whisky. This is from a refill Bourbon hogshead. Although Adelphi have listed this as a Speyside, the SWA has Ardmore in the Highlands so that is how we have categorised it.

Adelphi Bowmore 1998 12 Years Old

This Adelphi Bowmore 1998 12 Years old is a fireworks party or a sea battle caught on the wind. This is all balance out with some nice sherry notes. Excellent. From a refill Sherry butt.

Adelphi Breath of Islay 1999 11 Years Old

This Adelphi Breath of Islay 1999 11 Years Old is one to warm you up in this harsh weather. From a refill Bourbon Hogshead.

Adelphi Breath of the Isles (Island) 1995 15 Years Old

This Adelphi Breath of the Islands 1995 15 Years Old is another one in the run from this unnamed Island distillery. It shows how the whisky from this distillery does age well and it has great depth and character. Refill Bourbon Hogshead.

Adelphi Bunnahabhain 1998 11 Years Old

This Adelphi Bunnahabhain 2998 11 Years Old is yet another stunning Bunnahabhain from Adelphi. This one has quite a lot of sherry behind being from a first fill sherry butt.

Adelphi Caol Ila 1982 28 Years Old

This Adelphi Caol Ila 1982 28 Years old is a well-aged Islay making it more subtle on the peat and has all the tropical fruits that you get from long maturation on bourbon casks. From a refill Bourbon Hogshead.

Adelphi Glen Garioch 1990 20 Years Old

This Adelphi Glen Garioch 1990 20 years old is described by Adelphi as a warming tea time dram with ginger cake - may be just the job after digging the car out of snow! From a refill bourbon hogshead.

Adelphi Longmorn 1992 18 Years Old

This Adelphi Longmorn 1992 18 Years Old to me is a classic Longmorn and one not to be missed. From a 1st fill Bourbon Hogshead.