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A Trio of New Gems from Adelphi

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By Mike Lord

A small new release from Adelphi but well worth a look

Adelphi Aultmore 1982 29 Years Old

This is another top class Aultmore from Adelphi. They believe it to be one of their best and describe it as a perfect breakfast whisky.

Nose: Underripe bananas. Then the bananas ripen and become banana cheesecake. After water, estery notes of warm polythene or vinyl. Faded dried mixed herbs and muesli.

Taste: Sweet and syrupy. After water, smooth, sweet with rolled-oats.

Finish: Dusty malt and green banana skins in the finish.

Adelphi Benriach 1977 34 Years Old

It's been a long time since Adelphi last produced a Benriach and it has been worth the wait.

Nose: Tinned peaches in syrup and white grapes with zesty orange peel. Behind this, hints of sphagnum moss [peat moss]. Almonds.

Taste: Oily mouthfeel. Light sweeteness. Water introduces mint toffee (Murray Mints). Musty grape skins. Soft, creamy texture. A trace of spice at the back of the tongue.

Finish: Honeycomb in the finish. An aftertaste of maturation warehouse. A lovely dusting of chocolate.

Adelphi Bowmore 2001 10 Years Old

An amazing toffee sweet Bowmore.

Nose: Straight away, sweet highland toffee - a thick and creamy nose that develops with Caboc (highland cheese rolled in toasted oatmeal), and traces of butterscotch and chocolate malt. On the nose, the smoke is apparent, but never overpowering.

Taste: Surprisingly sweet to taste as well, and now very smoky, with hints of warm railway sleepers; lingering creosote smokiness. Water makes it more mineralic; bath salts, and a trace of carbolic soap.

Finish: The McCowan's highland toffee returns in the finish, now swathed in hessian sacks.

See our full Adelphi range.

New Releases from AD Rattray

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We have 4 new bottlings in from AD Rattray and they are all spectacular.

AD Rattray Bowmore 1998 12 Years Old

This is a big Bowmore which I found more smoky that the tasting notes from ADR with intriguing orange peel.  Well worth the money.  A genuine  winter warmer.

Nose: Malty cereal notes, a touch of smoke and peat with hints of orange peel.

Taste: Very malty, soft oily texture, smoke coming through with a touch of spice.

This is a phenominal sherry cask Clynelish - don't miss out.

Nose: Creme Brulee, caramelised pears and slight savoury noted.

Taste: Good all-over mouthfeel, very warming with creamy liquorice.

AD Rattray Craigellachie 1991 20 Years Old

A delicious elder bourbon cask whisky.

Nose: Sweet and fruity with honeysuckle blossom, nectarines and vanilla.

Taste: Silky mouthfeel with caramel and soft spice. Well structured.

AD Rattray Monymusk Jamaican Rum 1986 25 Years Old

Looking for something different this Christmas? May be another cracking rum from ADR might fit the bill.  It certainly has lots of Christmas notes.

Nose: Deep rich and complex. Fruity with hints of steeped raisins and pineapple.

Taste: Spicy wood and a lovely velvety mouthfeel. Christmas fruits and banoffee pie.

For our full range of whiskies from AD Rattray click here.

New Single Malt Whisky in from Adelphi

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By Mike Lord

We have a cracking new set of whiskies in from Adelphi ready for your Christmas Purchases

Adelphi Ardmore 2003 7 Years Old

This Adelphi Ardmore 2003 7 year old is quite a peated example of Ardmore. Certainly do not be put off by the age. Great whisky is great whisky. This is from a refill Bourbon hogshead. Although Adelphi have listed this as a Speyside, the SWA has Ardmore in the Highlands so that is how we have categorised it.

Adelphi Bowmore 1998 12 Years Old

This Adelphi Bowmore 1998 12 Years old is a fireworks party or a sea battle caught on the wind. This is all balance out with some nice sherry notes. Excellent. From a refill Sherry butt.

Adelphi Breath of Islay 1999 11 Years Old

This Adelphi Breath of Islay 1999 11 Years Old is one to warm you up in this harsh weather. From a refill Bourbon Hogshead.

Adelphi Breath of the Isles (Island) 1995 15 Years Old

This Adelphi Breath of the Islands 1995 15 Years Old is another one in the run from this unnamed Island distillery. It shows how the whisky from this distillery does age well and it has great depth and character. Refill Bourbon Hogshead.

Adelphi Bunnahabhain 1998 11 Years Old

This Adelphi Bunnahabhain 2998 11 Years Old is yet another stunning Bunnahabhain from Adelphi. This one has quite a lot of sherry behind being from a first fill sherry butt.

Adelphi Caol Ila 1982 28 Years Old

This Adelphi Caol Ila 1982 28 Years old is a well-aged Islay making it more subtle on the peat and has all the tropical fruits that you get from long maturation on bourbon casks. From a refill Bourbon Hogshead.

Adelphi Glen Garioch 1990 20 Years Old

This Adelphi Glen Garioch 1990 20 years old is described by Adelphi as a warming tea time dram with ginger cake - may be just the job after digging the car out of snow! From a refill bourbon hogshead.

Adelphi Longmorn 1992 18 Years Old

This Adelphi Longmorn 1992 18 Years Old to me is a classic Longmorn and one not to be missed. From a 1st fill Bourbon Hogshead.

Three New Adelphi's

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By Mike Lord

We have received in three new exceptional Adelphi's from their latest bottlings.

Adelphi Glen Grant 1985 25 Years Old

This whisky is all about Snickers bars and ice cream sundaes with butterscotch sauce.  Fabulous.

Adelphi Macallan 1996 13 Years Old

This is from a refill sherry cask.  A combination of warm fruit pie, honey and nuts with chocolate orange.  A classic old style Macallan.

Adelphi Bowmore 2000 10 Years Old

Lots of mint toffee, tar and coal dust.  A real minty surprise for a Bowmore and well worth a try.

Single Malts from Mackillop's Choice Independent Bottler

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Just starting to catch up with some new whiskies in the shop.

Mackillop’s Choice

I was introduced to this independent bottler at tasting at the beginning of the year and I was so impressed I got some in.  These aren’t new bottling but they are all impressive.

Mackillop's Choice Benrinnes 1989 15 Years Old (58.8%, £58.95)

An unusual Benrinnes as it is from a straight Bourbon cask which lets more of the spirit character comes through.

Nose: Salt, shortbread, toffee, digestive biscuits and pencils.

Taste: Vanilla, toffee, cream, panacotta, sponge cake and lemon curd.

Finish: Salt, syrup and brandy cream.

Mackillop's Choice Bowmore 1989 18 Years Old (57.4%, £89.95)

As  big a perfumed smoky Bowmore as you will find anywhere with some additional notes added from the sherry cask.

Nose: Warm roads, dark treacle, smoky bacon crisps with salt, black pepper corns.

Taste: Perfumed smoke and spice, cream, lavender and potpourri.

Finish: Smoldering embers and coffee with crispy streaky bacon.

Mackillop's Choice Highland Park 1991 15 Years Old (53.9%, £78.95)

A very well put together Highland Park.

Nose: Hot fudge. Treacle biscuits. Ready salted crisps. Vanilla custard creams. Hints of cordite and heather smoke.

Taste:  Sweet. Honey. Creamy. Raisins and caramel.

Finish: Hot smoke and cream.

Mackillop's Choice Macallan 1988 18 Years Old (55.5%, £97.50)

A complex Macallan where the sherry is balanced by a range of other flavours which all brought to mind baking.

Nose: Glace cherries, plums, sweet pastry and freshly baked fruit cake.

Taste: Cream, fudge, raisins, spice, creme brulee and hot cross buns.

Finish: Hot scones with raisins.

By Mike Lord

The WSD Challenge 2010

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This was another very competitive competition.  Independent Bottlers entered their whiskies in to 2 categories: Speyside; and The Rest of Whisky.  The winners, voted for by attendees at The Whisky Shop Dufftown during the Spirit of Speyside Festival were:


First place: Old Malt Cask Probably Speyside's Finest 1967 41 Years Old (Jan Beckers)

Second place: Duncan Taylor Rare Auld Glen Grant 1987 22 Years Old (Mark Watt)

Third place: Tie between Weymss Spiced Apples (Susan Colville) and Adelphi Glenallachie 1973 26 Years Old (SOLD OUT)

The Rest of Whisky

First Place: Adelphi Bunnahabhain 1968 41 Years Old

Second Place: Mackillops Bowmore 1989 (IN STOCK SOON)

Third Place: Douglas Laing Big Peat.

The winner of the competition for the best tasting note was by Ed Velthuizew from Holland.  His prize was a bottle of his favourite whisky from the challenge which was the Adelphi Bunnahabhain.

Michael Lord

And Now Just Arrived from Adelphi Distillery

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The latest releases just in from Adelphi:

Adelphi Distillery

Adelphi Bowmore 2001 8 Years Old @ 59.9%

Don't buy it as it's so good I want to drink them all myself!

Adelphi Bunnahabhain 2000 9 Years Old @ 59.2%

One for those that like fresh sherry notes in their whisky.

Adelphi Glenlivet 1978 31 Years Old @ 53.9%

A really complex and unusual Glenlivet.  Excellent.

Adelphi Glenallachie 1973 36 Years Old @ 48.1%

A superb aged Bourbon cask whisky.

Adelphi Aultmore 1974 35 Years Old @ 49.6%

This whisky just has so many layers.

Return of an old friend

Adelphi Ardbeg 1998 11 Years Old  @ 58.0%

An Ardbeg to welcome in the warmer months

Adelphi Distillers

The Adelphi Range

By Mike Lord

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January 2010 New Releases from Duncan Taylor & Co

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By Michael Lord

Some new single malt whiskies in from that irrepressible independent bottler Duncan Taylor.  Not all of their new bottlings are available (even if some shops have them on their website) but I have managed to get in my pick of the new Octave range.  These use reconstituted exsherrywood octaves for an extra 3 months of maturation and it does seem to work.  This does mean that each expression is very limited stock!

Octave Bowmore 1982

This is an exceptionally well rounded Bowmore. Very subtle on the smoke. Stunning.

Buy Now!

Octave Bowmore 1982

Octave Caperdonich 1972

This is another outstanding Capedonich from Duncan Taylor with all that fruitiness you expect balanced by a medicinal influence.

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Octave Caperdonich 1972