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New Releases from AD Rattray

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We have 4 new bottlings in from AD Rattray and they are all spectacular.

AD Rattray Bowmore 1998 12 Years Old

This is a big Bowmore which I found more smoky that the tasting notes from ADR with intriguing orange peel.  Well worth the money.  A genuine  winter warmer.

Nose: Malty cereal notes, a touch of smoke and peat with hints of orange peel.

Taste: Very malty, soft oily texture, smoke coming through with a touch of spice.

This is a phenominal sherry cask Clynelish - don't miss out.

Nose: Creme Brulee, caramelised pears and slight savoury noted.

Taste: Good all-over mouthfeel, very warming with creamy liquorice.

AD Rattray Craigellachie 1991 20 Years Old

A delicious elder bourbon cask whisky.

Nose: Sweet and fruity with honeysuckle blossom, nectarines and vanilla.

Taste: Silky mouthfeel with caramel and soft spice. Well structured.

AD Rattray Monymusk Jamaican Rum 1986 25 Years Old

Looking for something different this Christmas? May be another cracking rum from ADR might fit the bill.  It certainly has lots of Christmas notes.

Nose: Deep rich and complex. Fruity with hints of steeped raisins and pineapple.

Taste: Spicy wood and a lovely velvety mouthfeel. Christmas fruits and banoffee pie.

For our full range of whiskies from AD Rattray click here.

New in from AD Rattray

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Here are the new releases just in from AD Rattray:

By Mike Lord

AD Rattray Glen Grant 1985 24 Years Old @ 55.8%

A class act this one.  Well aged an sophisticated.  If it was a person it would wear tweed and look good in it.

AD Rattray Glenrothes 1990 19 Years Old @ 49.9%

Kiwi fruits and bananas but a real chardonnay edge to this one.  Amazing.

AD Rattray Laphroaig 1998 11 Years Old @ 61.6%

Another cracking Laphroaig from ADR.  This one is a real feisty 11 years old.

AD Rattray Pulteney 1982 27 Years Old @ 53.5%

Pulteney does age so well and this is an exceptional example

AD Rattray Cragganmore 1997 12 Years Old 46.0%

A fresh, fun, bourbon cask whisky for anytime of the day at a great price.

Return of an old friend:

AD Rattray Mortlach 1994 13 Years Old 58.8%

This one shows you how good Bourbon cask Mortlach can be.

The AD Rattray Range

AD Rattray New Bottlings

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Three fantastic new bottlings from AD Rattray:

Benrinnes 1996 13 Years Old

This whisky is a first fill from a Sherry Hogshead and is at 57%.  It's full on sherry with lots of syrup.  If you ever wanted to know wanted to know what a chocolate fruit cake is like then this it.

Highland Park 1995 14 Years Old

An exceptional Highland Park particularly if you like them a bit more peaty than the average.  The Bourbon cask supports a tary smokiness coming through with creamy.  Smoked custard!

Glen Elgin 1984 24 Years Old

A really smooth 24 years old with the wood not dominant.  Still fresh and buttery.  Has a quality like an oaked Chardonnay.  Great.

AD Rattray Bottles

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