Hepple Gin 70cl

  The distillery says the notion of what makes a great gin lies at the core of every decision we have made at Hepple. We knew that juniper would be at the heart but only by combining both the ripe and young green stages of the berry can we reveal the full breadth of its life and flavour. Woven into this is an array of botanicals that are as lively in the bottle as they are side by side in the northerly wind. Throughout our experimentation it was imperative that we remain faithful to the extraordinary brightness of each ingredient to make this most flavourful gin.┬áIt uses an innovative three-level process for extracting botanical flavours. The heavier ones are distilled with the grain, lighter examples are vacuum distilled, and juniper flavour is extracted using carbon dioxide. The botanicals used are juniper, green juniper, douglas fir, bog myrtle, lovage, blackcurrant leaves, blackcurants, Amalfi lemon, coriander seeds, fennel seeds, liquorice, angelica and orris root.
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