Bright Spirits Peels Gin

Bright Spirits say "Sharp, refreshing and zesty – a sun-soaked gin full of invigorating citrus flavours. Peels is a stroll through Amalfi lemon groves on a balmy Mediterranean evening. An aromatic adventure for the palate. Fresh lemon, key lime and yuzu combine to create an entirely natural distilled flavour. No syrups, added sugars or flavourings. Ingredients: Juniper, Lemon, Key Lime, Yuzu, Grapefruit, Coriander, Orris root, Angelica Root"   Nose Bright Spirits: Juniper! Then soft citrus notes work their way through. Fresh lemon and crushed lime compliment the classic juniper aroma. Taste Bright Spirits: Lemon meringue pie filling with delightfully balanced floral notes. The citrus tang never over powers the palate but is clearly present throughout. Finish Bright Spirits: Subtle tangy lime lingers on the finish, leaving a long lasting refreshed sensation.   Perfect Serve (Bright Spirits) Select a Highball glass and place as large a piece of ice in as possible (A single iceberg is ideal). Pour in Peels Gin. Dilute with Indian Tonic and garnish with a leaf of fresh basil and a grapefruit sliver. Enjoy!
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Bright Spirits Pips Gin

Bright Spirits say "Sweet, fresh and fruity – a refreshingly luscious gin bursting with the taste of summer. Pips is an exploration through a summer picnic basket. An explosion of fireworks in a jam factory. Heaps of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries create an entirely natural distilled flavour. No syrups, added sugars or flavourings. Ingredients: Juniper, Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, Pineapple, Orange Peel, Lemon Peel, Angelica Root"   Nose Bright Spirits: Juniper... with subtle notes of summer fruits. Taste Bright Spirits: Blueberry jam leads the way with a hint of fresh raspberry tang. Finish Bright Spirits: Strawberry and cream sneaks through on the finish.   Perfect Serve (Distillery) Take a large Copa Glass and a healthy smattering of ice (increase depending on temperature). Pour in Pips Gin. Add cool aromatic tonic and then garnish with chopped strawberry and blackberry. Sunglasses and Instagram pictures optional!
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Glen Keith Distillery Edition

This Glen Keith Distillery Edition has been distilled on the banks of the River Isla and matured in traditional oak casks. The distillery describe this as 'a smooth and distinctive single malt with hints of freshly picked orchard fruits and rich toffee notes.'  
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Hills & Harbour Gin

The distillery tell us this gin has 'been made tasty by the forests and coastlines of Galloway. Galloway is our home and a special corner of Scotland. Surrounded by forests and unspoilt coastlines, it’s the perfect larder for our ingredients. Noble Fir needles & Bladderwrack Seaweed are distilled with 9 other botanicals, creating a smooth and vibrant gin.'

We use 11 botanicals in our core expression, it leads with juniper and is balanced with hints of forest fir, tropical fruit, citrus spice, tangy sherbet and a subtle scent of the shore. Balanced and versatile it serves well with almost any garnish, which means you can get creative and serve the gin the way you like it.

The distillery recommend: Pour a 50ml measure of Hills & Harbour Gin over plenty of ice, add some good tonic and a slice of fresh mango to garnish.

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Macallan 12 Double Cask

The distillery describe this Macallan double cask 12 Years Old as being a honeyed, indulgent and rounded single malt. It's character defined by the unmistakable prominence of the American oak style.
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Redcastle Gin

Redcastle Scottish Gin is the first addition to the Redcastle Spirits family. This is batch 4. The distillery says 'our Gin is a unique, secret blend of 13 botanicals including kaffir lime leaf and pink peppercorn, small batch distilled in Angus, to give a lightly spiced gin with a zesty edge. Each bottle is individually filled, sealed, wax dipped, labelled and numbered, by hand, at Redcastle Brewery in Carmyllie.

The distillery recommend:  Best served with Mediterranian tonic, ice, a twist of orange peel and star anise or Redcastle Gin with Aromatic Tonic, served over ice and garnished with a twist of lemon peel, kaffir lime leaf and star anise

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