A Very Tenacious Gin

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The Whisky Shop Dufftown has launched its first Gin - Tenacious

In the beating heart of malt whisky country lies the award winning The Whisky Shop Dufftown. It may come as a surprise therefore to learn that their latest exclusive release is a gin.   Managing Director Mike Lord said,We wanted to do something different to add to our exclusive products celebrating our 10th anniversary year.  I have been developing my own gin recipe for almost 2 years and the opportunity finally came to get it produced with our friends at Shetland Reel as part of our 10 Year Anniversary.   It's Juniper led with citrus notes and sweet gentle spices from Pink and Szechuan peppercorns.  It is a bit of a push back against the many floral gins that are out there.  It is for people that really like a flavoursome classic gin.


It is a very unusual name for a gin.  Mike Lord said,Its our tenth year in business so that is part of the reason for the ‘ten in Tenacious but the gin coincidently contains 10 botanicals.  We have certainly had to be tenacious to make it to ten years so the name seemed appropriate and matched our sense of humour.

The rise of craft gins, particularly in Scotland is phenomenal.  Manager of The Whisky Shop Dufftown Vicky Keough, saidWe have taken the opportunity this year to expand our gin selection to over 50 expressions which are mainly Scottish but include some specially selected gins from elsewhere.  We did this to reflect the demand from our customers for something different and we love our gins too.  We have brought our style of selling whisky, friendly and informative, to gin.  We like to help our customers make their next purchase with a conversation about what they like and what they want to explore.  We can then help them choose their next purchase and may be even try a sip before they buy.

The journey for Tenacious started with a visit to Edinburgh Gin where at the end of the experience you have the opportunity to make your own gin.  Mike says he was very inspired by his creation and spent over a year tweaking the recipe to finalise the perfect version.

With a new gin the producer is expected to say what theperfect pour is - the best way to serve the gin.  Mike Lord said,We dont tell you how to drink your whisky.  We have moved away from that.  Drink it how you would like it.  So we are not going to tell you how to drink our gin.  We do recommend a good measure of Tenacious, some ice and a decent tonic.  Then take it from there.

Tenacious gin is only available to buy by the bottle from The Whisky Shop Dufftown and at www.whiskyshopdufftown.com.


  • The Whisky Shop Dufftown was formed in 2006 by Mike Lord. He left a career in financial services in London to follow his passion.
  • Tenacious Gin is priced at £36.95. The ABV is 47%.  The full list of botanicals are: Juniper, Coriander Seed, Angelica Root, Orris Root, Lemon Peel, Nutmeg, Burdock Root, Pink Pepper Corns, Szechuan Pepper Corns and Almond.