Lady of the Drams Christmas Cognacs

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Hi Everyone,

Last week we received some fantastic Cognacs courtesy of The Great Whisky Company, which I think will make perfect after Christmas dinner drinks. Just imagine you are sitting by the fire, belly full of turkey (or nut roast for the vegetarians amongst us), happy and content, with a very fine cognac in your hand. What a perfect way to finish the day. All these are at 40% abv and in 20cl bottles. Great value for money they would also make great stocking fillers.

The first one is Chateau DeTriac Reserve De La Famille. This is what I would call their starter cognac. On the nose I initially got melted caramac bars, sweet sherry and dark morello cherries steeped in well aged rum and Demerara sugar. Following on was fresh Simnel cake covered in apricot conserve and marzipan.

The palate brought sweet caramel, burnt sugar (still Demerara) and baked oranges. This developed into well baked fruit cake with cherries and candied peel. A great way to start the evening.

The next one I tried was Tiffon Tres Vieille Reserve Fins Bois.  This one was a tad deeper and richer than the first and is 60 to 70 years old. The nose gave up an old mahogany chest of drawers, fig pudding and steamed Christmas pudding. As strange as it may sound it had a very ‘deep nose.

The palate was rich and warming with baked figs in syrup, and spicy marmalade on a fresh, warm panettone.

The final cognac is Tiffon Tres Vieille Reserve Grande Champagne aged between 80 to 100 years old and is definitely my favourite. The nose was silky smooth and rich with raisins and sultanas, dark plums and cherries. A sumptuous black forest gateaux.

The palate gives you an initial firey hit but this quickly fades out to smooth Galaxy chocolate (other chocolates are available) with a sprinkling of light spices on top. It caresses the mouth and as it travels down feels luxurious and definitely moreish. Warm nights on a tropical beach.

So as you may be able to tell I am a big fan of these new Cognacs, especially as I am not usually a cognac drinker but these will definitely be at my Christmas table for while the kids are doing the washing up!