What is the Best Malt for a Bacon Roll? (September 2015)

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Here at The Whisky Shop Dufftown we have been continuing our "scientific" search for the best Single Malt to go with a Bacon Roll - unsmoked, no sauce.  That's the scientific bit.  We have now tested 24 single malts as part of this experiment

At this year's The Whisky Shop Dufftown Autumn Festival we took the winning whisky from our last festival, Balvenie 14 Years Old and pitched it against 3 new challengers selected by Mike Lord - Cardhu 15 Years Old, Arran Lochranza and Glenrothes Vintage Cask.

We held daily tastings for our guests scientist to undertake the experiment.  It was a tight race and each combination received a significant number of votes. This proved again that everyone's palate is different and there is a whisky for everyone and every whisky has someone.

The tastings were conducted blind - guests were not told which whiskies they were sampling until after submitting their vote for their favourite.  We were delighted again to watch people see how the food and whisky combination brought different flavours to the fore and even created new ones.  This is what it is all about for us.  Showing how well whisky pairs with food in an exciting way.

The winner by the narrowest of margins was Arran Lochranza.  We have been asked by a group of guests to put on this tasting experiment very shortly so we have decided to ask them to vote and we will add those votes in to see if it changes the result and (may be) get this prize back for Speyside.

Thank you to all our guests that took part.  I hope you had fun!

Arran Lochranza Reserve

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