The Whisky Shop Autumn Festival - The Best Blend

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At The Whisky Shop Dufftown Autumn Festival this year we have been continuing our search for the best "Blend" or "Blend of Malts" in our Blind Blends competition.  Guest to the festival could sample 5 whiskies in a blind tasting and vote for their favourite.  The winner from the same event last year, Hankey Banister Heritage, went up against 4 new challengers.  Due to the rush of blends recently from Independent Bottlers we decided to focus on them this time.  The challengers were Scallywag, Highland Journey, Spice King 12 and Timerous Beastie.

Competition was fierce with good showings from both Timerous Beastie and Spice King 12 but Hankey Banister was able to retain its title for another year.  The first of the 26 whiskies that have been in this competition to do so.  Hankey Banister Heritage will go on to face 4 new challengers next year.

Hankey Banister Heritage