The WSD Newsletter May 2014

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Here is a very rare event - a Whisky Shop Dufftown Newsletter.

New Bottlings

We recently added 2 new bottlings to our list.  They could not be more  different and in my opinion they are both outstanding.

We have a sherry bomb Glenfarclas 1991 and what we are calling the a'bunadh of Islay is a Caol Ila 2004.

WSD Glenfarclas 1991

 WSD Caol Ila 2004

Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival 2014


It was certainly a festival to remember.   We ran a record number of events this year and had our highest attendance.  We continue to be the biggest contributor to the festival. Thank you to all who came and I hope you enjoyed it.

The team also managed to go the full festival without any major injuries!  That is a first.

Thanks again to Warren, Gemma, Phil, Kat, Simon and Kirsteen for all their help.  And a big thank you to Vicky for all she did including co-hosting the second most complicated tasting we have done (whisky, beer and food).   Of course a very special thank you to my long suffering wife who ran the shop.  Thank you Mrs Lord.

We ran our challenge for Independent Bottlers again this year to see what is the best independent whisky from Speyside and from the rest of whisky.  The results were genuinely fascinating.  To see who won our Independent Bottlers Challenge click here.

Whisky and HaggisWe continued to experiment with our food and whisky pairings.  To see what is the best malt to have with a bacon roll click here and for haggis here.  Thank you to the team at St James' for all their cracking work.

We say goodbye to Mary Hemsworth who has been the festival manager for Spirit of Speyside for the last three years.  Thank you and all the best,



The Drams Party 2014

See you all at The Spirit of Speyide Whisky Festival 2015 (30 April to 4 May).

The Whisky Shop Dufftown Autumn Festival 2014

Here at The WSD HQ we are finalising the programme for our Autumn Festival which runs from the 25 to 29 September.  You can view our progress here.  It is going to be fun and exciting!!

We are tweaking our website to make navigation easier and the festival now has its own page accessed from the events item on the main menu.

WSD Autumn Festival 2014 Postcard Barrels

Our Website

We are continuing to improve our website.  Our most recent additions have been to add some standard searches to our search and we have also included some articles under the Directory section on Dufftown.  I hope you like them

Local View

A bit of a local update.


The warehouses at the front of Mortlach distillery are now completely demolished to make way for the new still house.  A bit sad but progress is progress.




If you are coming to Speyside and looking for a place to eat or stay then our two renovated hotels The Dowans in Aberlour and The Craigellachie with its Copper Dog Pub are really worth considering.

The WSD on the Road

The peace and quite of the shop will soon be left behind as we have a few road trips coming up.  Catch us at one of the following:

Dramboree 2014Dramboree 2014:   4 to 6 July

Maltstock 2014



Maltstock:   5 to 7 September




Whisky Festival Noord-Nederland

Whisky Festival Noord-Nederland:  27 March 2015