Spirit of Speyside Awards - The Judging

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Here are  a few images taken by the Northern Scot at the recent judging for the whisky awards.  I was benched this year.  I am unsure whether it is because I am now considered too old or just not good looking enough.

Here are all the judges.  Still standing (just).

The JudgesAnd here is our very own Vicky getting her nose stuck in:

Vicky 02I understand Blair was a perfect gentleman all day and charmed our Retail Manager (a lot).

Vicky 01Whisky from Speyside.  Glasses by Glencairn.  Ring by Nikki Bond and designed by Mike Lord - yes, I design jewelry too!!   Beat that Blair!!!!

Oh yes.  I remember why I wasn't there.  At the time this photo was taken I was in a beach bar in Key West (Southern Most Beach Cafe) drinking Macallan 12 - a measure the size of a bucket and only $9 - as the temperature climbed into the high 20's.  Very relaxed.  And very much James Bond.

Here's a picture of me in the beach bar:


Oh no.  My mistake.  That's Danny Craig.  Easy mistake though.  Me and him.  Like two peas in a pod!  Although I do have a better taste in shirts!!  And I had a pint on the side!!!

Thanks again to the Northern Scot for these great photos (not the last one) and to Forsyths for their sponsorship.

By Mike Lord