Winning Tasting Notes 2013

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Here are the winning tasting notes submitted as part of The Whisky Shop Dufftown's Challenge for Independent Bottlers.  Congratulations to Graeme Anderson for these fabulous tasting notes.  His prize is a bottle of his favourite whisky from the challenge which was the Linkwood.

The runner up was Adam Irvine so well done to him.

Sample 1 – Carn Mor Aberlour 1994 13 Years Old (46%)

Distilled 1994 bottled 2013 – ex-Bourbon Hogshead

Nose: Pineapple and Cola Cubes fresh of the shelf or crushed under the rolling pin.  Bourbon Bomb!
Taste: More tropical fruits dropped through a Barbados barbecue – smokie sweets,
Finish: Fairly short and dry – burnt coconut husks.

Sample 2 – Adelphi Longmorn 1985 27 Years Old (53.2%)

Distilled 1985 bottled 2013 – ex-Bourbon Hogshead

Nose: Classy smooth taffy.  Some vanilla latte smooths the big punch.
Taste: Strong and bold like Old Spice.  Even water can’t keep this big dog down.  Like a Collie of its leash.
Finish: No surprises here.  The Collie keeps racing and chasing sheep until out of view, over the hill.

Sample 3 – G&M Cask Linkwood 1991 (53.4%)

Distilled 1991 bottled 2007 – first fill ex-sherry butts

Nose: Wax polished libraries & leather armchairs but in a lively tang vibrant sense -  through a child’s eyes.
Taste: Crystallised oranges, tangy mango like attack in a light toffee shell.
Finish: Zing, zang, zooosh – goes this firework humbug,

Sample 4 – Director’s Cut Dufftown 1982 30 Years Old (51.7%)

Distilled 1982 bottled 2012 – ex-Sherry butt

Nose: Dutch caramel wafer biscuits with a touch of medicinal Jagermeister.
Taste: A heavy hitter in a velvet glove.  The sherry is bold but well balanced.  Top class.  This is my nominated embalming fluid.
Finish: Quite short and dry but again not aggressively so.  I fine epilogue to this Jackanory.

Sample 5 – BBR Glen Grant 1974 37 Years Old (47.8%)

Distilled 1991 bottled 2012 – ex-sherry butts

Nose: Soft toffee cuddled by a giant caramel teddy.
Taste: An Autumn whisky.  A well preserved classic sports car gently bimbles along a summer glen.
Finish: Dry well-worn leather, need another sip to refresh my palate.