Latest Shipping Rates and Restrictions

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Unfortunatly new Civil Aviation Authority restrictions have come into force which severly impact on our shipping.  Whisky is now considered to be a dangerous cargo and therefore if it has to be sent by plane then it must go on special air freight flights.  Our courier, ParcelForce which is part of the GLS / EMS network, uses FedEx for such shipments.  This has caused increased costs to many of the countries we ship to.  Due to FedEx procedures and policies we can no longer ship to some countries eg Brazil.  Full customs disclosure is required for shipments via FedEx eg whisky, volume, ABV.

In addition to these changes there has been a tightening of the rules with regard to shipping into the USA.  This is associated with fines if couriers deliver alcohol to a minor.  Currently, this means that no courier firm will ship alcohol from the UK into the USA even though many of these couriers deliver alcohol internally in that country.  As a result we have had to cease shipping to the USA.

For those destinations in Europe where deliveries can still be made by road (highlighted in green in the table below) there is no change to the method of transportation.  In fact for many of these destinations in this category we have managed to lower our shipping rates.

Unfortunately, certain European destinations are now being dealt with by our courier as requiring transportation by plane.  This means FedEx air freight.  Countries effected include Ireland, Norway and Switzerland.

We are very sorry for the impact these changes have had on our customers.  As you will understand they are outside of our control.  We are looking for alternatives but as we are a small company we are unlikely to be able to find any soon.

Our new shipping rates are given below and they are also available on our Shipping & Returns page which will always show the rates that you will be charged.  Please be aware that we cannot be sure just how much our courier will charge us until we see actual invoices come in so our rates may well change again over the next few months.

Again, we at The Whisky Shop Dufftown apologise for the impact of these changes and we will continue to do all we can to minimise them.