Recent Arrivals from Wemyss Vintage Malts

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By Mike Lord

These are the new additions we have had in (that are still in stock).  These were all tried at Susan Colville's tasting at The Autumn Speyside Whisky Festival.

"Lemon Grove" Cragganmore 1989

Nose:  Candid lemons, toffee bonbons, roasted pears and salted lime (from the rim of the Tequila glass).

Taste: Real lemonade and oak chips spice.

Finish: Sweet fruit syrup.  Festival reporter, Bruce Chricton, also reported smoke on the finish.

Summary: This is a delightful older Cragganmore.  It has many attributes of an aged bourbon cask whisky but also maintains some youthful characteristics.  It has gone down very well at all the tastings we have used it in.

"Caribbean Fruits" Glencadam 1990

Nose: Pineapple chunks in a wooden box with gratefruit and raisin syrup.

Taste: Light tropical fruit salad and more gratefruit with tinned peaches.  Festival reporter Bruce Chrichton also reported lots of golden honey.

Finish: Sweet fruit salad syrup.

Summary:  A very tropical fruit Glencadam and rates and one of the best Glencadams I have had.

"Honey Spice" Bunnahabhain 1991

Nose: Spiced smoked raisin juice (almost fire damaged oloroso sherry) with ozone and chewy toffee.  Festival reporter Bruce Chricton also reported coffee and treacle.

Taste: Sweet sherry trifle, toffe flatjacks and fruit cake crusts.

Finish:  More fruit cake which has been a little over cooked.

Summary:  There is a crop of excellent sherried Bunnahabhains going round the indpendents and this is no exception.  The sherry isn't over powering, there's no sulphur and the touch of smoke blends in well.

Also to follow from Wemyss when back in stock:

Whispering Smoke from Caol Ila and Vanilla Summer from Clynelish