Highland Park 12 Years Old

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WSD’s Comment:  Berry pastry tart and quite floral with biscuit.

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WSD's Comment: Berry pastry tart and quite floral with biscuit. Has a number of different aspects which are quite well balanced.

Tasting Notes

Distillery:  Ozone, brine, smoke, honey develops.

The WSD:  Vanilla. Peach skins and kumquats. Syrup from tinned fruit. Mixed berries, cherries and sponge cake. Strawberry blancmange. A bowl full of fruit sitting on an oak table (M)


Distillery:  Honey, salt, smoke, some chilli prickle.

The WSD: The palate replicates the nose with tropical fruit cocktail topped with walnut and now the oak has been milled. Sweet. Angel Delight. Madeira cake. Light fruit cake, treacle toffee, spice and juniper bitterness (M)


Distillery: Whisps of smoke and chilli spice.

The WSD: delicate cacoffini of flavours (if that's possible) and seems to be different every time but it certainly works (M).



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