10 October 2019 from 13:00 to 16:00 - Mortlach History and Whisky Walk

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This historical walk is offered by Alistair of  Highland Spirit and includes nine 15ml drams.


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Location: Highland Spirit Bed and Breakfast

Start: 13:00   End: 16:00

Duration:  3 hours

You will first hear the history of Mortlach distillery, (established 1823, the first legal distillery in Dufftown).  This was where William Grant of Glenfiddich fame learned his trade.

See how the original smuggling flasks made by the Coppersmith were used to steal whisky?   How did Mortlach whisky pay for health care?  Drink a Mortlach dram to find out.

How was illicit whisky made in the Clock Tower when the town was full of Excisemen?

A short walk to Mortlach Kirk to see where the Celtic Monks first distilled in 566AD.  The Kirk is the oldest, continually used religious site in the UK.   You will try some of the Monks' aqua vitae.  We visit the grave-robbers watchers hut, the Grant Family grave, have a dram with the 19th century Mortlach Brewer and  hear about the legendary battle with the Danes.   What do the symbols on the 6th Century Pictish stone mean?

A stop at the historic kiln of Mortlach Distillery and sip on the renowned but discontinued 16YO Flora and Fauna.  Why the odd 2.81 distillation process?    Learn how the traditional worm-tubs and "Wee Witchie" give Mortlach its oily robust notes.  How did the iconic Pagoda's of Scotland's distilleries come about?  Why does the new pipeline make the cows unhappy?  Partake in some dramming!

You will hear about the role of the Mortlach Exciseman and will have a go using some of his original instruments to measure the strength/volume of alcohol.

This historical walk is offered by Alistair as a qualified walking guide with nine 15ml drams:.

- Wee Witchie12YO
- JW Ultimate 18YO
- G&M 15YO
- Aqua Vitae of Lindores Abbey
- G&M Exclusive 19YO
- Flora and Fauna 16YO
- Cowie's Blue Seal 20YO
- Coopers Choice 1995 18YO
- G&M 1984 30YO

Over 18's only please.  Please ensure you have read our terms and conditions for events.  If you want to contact us about this event please email us on enquiries@whiskyshopdufftown.com or phone us on +44(0)1340 821 097.

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10 October 2019

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